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Whilst we record, edit and upload videos to our own channel, you can learn from some top videos we have handpicked!

Diagnose Central Heating

Diagnose central heating problems

Bleeding a radiator

How to bleed a radiator

Repressurise a Heating System

Repressurise a heating system

Unstick a radiator valve

How to unstick a thermostatic radiator valve

Clean a Magnaclean

How to clean a Magnaclean

Draining down central heating

How to drain down central heating
With over 20 years of experience you can be rest assured that we know our way around a network of pipes, no matter how big or small.
Overflows & Blockages
For an emergency service, call us 24 hours to deal with leaking pipes, burst pipes, overflows, blockages and power flushing.
Hot Water
Qualified and experienced in vented as well as un-vented hot water system installations (Megaflo). We also install pumps, tanks and cylinders.
We offer a repairs and maintenance service along with new system installations and respond to breakdowns through our 24 hour emergency callout service.
Central Heating
You can rely on us to repair and install central heating systems including radiator controls and underfloor heating.
We will make sure your new bathroom not only looks great but also functions properly with our bathroom installation service including power showers, electric showers and all round plumbing.
Water Treatments
Call us today and take advantage of our experience in water treatment, water softeners and water purification solutions.
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